Intro to the Commander for the Yaesu 857 Hardened Power Systems

We all know how hard I can be in companies, but this time Hardened Power Systems has something which looks pretty special. So, I’m not calling them out, but sharing something which I believe will be very interesting, for the emcomm and preparedness communities. HPS calls it the Commander. It’s a turnkey go box for the Yaesu ft-857d. I’m also hoping it will be compatible with the Yaesu ft-891.

My only gripe is that it probably isn’t sold as a kit, for those of us outside of the United States. I would certainly take the frame, faceplate, internals and most of the electronics (minus the AC port), adding batteries on this side of the pond. Still, it looks like a pretty awesome idea.

The following text is from Hardened Power Systems YouTube description.

The Commander is a turnkey go box for the 857D. Designed, manufactured, and sold in the USA by Hardened Power Systems.

  • 20 AH lifepo4 battery bank, composed of two Dakota 10 AH batteries.
  • Real-time power usage meter, shows & records voltage and min/max amps & watts of power draw.
  • Two 3 watt full-range speakers, with defeat switch.
  • Front mounted headphone jack. Run silent or run both speakers and headphones.
  • Internal 3 stage AC charge controller, worldwide voltage.
  • Internal 3 stage solar controller, accepts up to 60 watts of solar power.
  • Two panel mounted antenna extensions, mil spec, shielded RG400, made in the USA.
  • Two 3 amp USB drivers, switched, for charging or powering other devices.
  • Front mounted stainless steel grounding lug, connected via a tinned & braided cable to copper lug.
  • Two power poles on front, switched, for accessories. 20A distributed.
  • Head unit swivels into the machine for stowage, swivels out to operate. Head unit is secured or removed with silicone straps, no tools needed.
  • Fits in a fat 50 can. Waterproof when closed.
  • Integrated power connection for radio with factory disconnect and two inline fuses.
  • Tool-free installation and removal of radio.
  • Ability to run the radio with the machine ‘dark’.
  • Total weight of machine, with 857 installed is just 18 pounds.

Let them know who showed it to you. Hardened Power Systems

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