Icom IC-705 Molle Carry Pouch

Hello Operators.
Many of you have seen my Icom IC-705 video introduction. One of the most asked questions is “What is the molle pouch you used to carry your IC-705, in that video?”. Well Operators, it is the Maxpedition Large Molle water bottle carrier found on ebay.

The pouch already has some padding internally, but I added a thin sheet of plexiglass around the inside compartment, to protect the IC-705 touch screen panel. The pouch can hold the IC-705, a raspberry pi 4B, Packtenna end fed half wave antenna with resonant elements for 20, 30, 40, 60 & 80 meters, 2x 5 meters of RG-174 coax with bnc connectors, a spare battery, USB cable, DC power cable, and a few other small things like adapters.

The pouch is extremely nice if you’re integrating the IC-705 into an already existing molle compatible pack system. Just be careful, since the Maxpedition pouch is not fully waterproof. Naturally when deploying in the rain, I use a dry bag for all critical equipment inside my pack.

You can watch the entire IC-705 video below, or just skip to 07:53 in the video to see the Maxpedition pouch.

Julian oh8stn

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