Ultimate Audio and CAT Control Xiegu G90/X5105

Hello Operators.
Today we turn our attention to audio interfaces and CAT control for the Xiegu G90 and X5105.

We are often discussing the “cable mess” on the channel. Wires going every which way, getting tangled, getting lost, or simply just getting in the way. For some reason audio interface and CAT control manufacturers have failed to grasp the concept of “portable communications”. When was the last time you took a look at the size of a Signalink USB compared to the radio it’s being used with? Or the Xiegu CE-19 Tentacle monster, which is supposed to make data and CAT control simpler. Really? It’s all quite ridiculous!

CE-19 compared to XGGComms Digimode-4

Recently I was browsing ebay to see if there were any new or interesting gadgets out. Things to help make working portable easier. In fact there was one item found, which I previously begged another popular audio interface specialist company to produce. They told me “there was no market!”. There is definitely a market in getting rid of the cable mess, and here it is.

The device is a combo Audio Interface and CAT control from XGGComms in the UK. XGGComms is a family owned small business, manufacturing lots of excellent audio interfaces, audio cables, and CAT control interfaces, for a variety of different rigs.

This new interface is called the DigiMode-4. It has CAT control and audio interface built into a very small enclosure. There are two cables going to the radio. One for CAT, the other for DATA. Then a single USB cable going to your computer, or raspberry pi. Here is a short video showing FT8, JS8Call operation with the Digimode-4 on WSJT-X, with the Xiegu X5105 setup with FLRig for CAT control. It all works like a charm!

Here is another short video demonstration with the x5105, using it in winlink session with Vara HF. The Figimode-4 is handling audio, CAT control and PTT, fast enough for a full bandwidth Vara session.

I just wanted to get this device out there while it was stocking stuffer time. We can all use help reducing the wire mess, and small businesses will certainly appreciate the order.

You may notice my Digimode-4 cables are shorter than the ebay version. When ordering, I sent a note asking for a shorter cable length, more compatible with portable work. They very kindly made up this one. It’s working extremely well.

If you see this "The listing has ended, please try back again in a day or two. When we share posts like this, Gear can sell-out pretty quickly. XGGComms assures me the Digimode-4 will be bak in stock.

You can find the Digimode-4 from XGGComms on ebay  This link will also help support this blog without any cost to you. (XGGComms Digimode-4 on ebay http://ebay.us/S7AtYf)
If the listing has ended, just try again in a day or two. These posts sometimes overwhelm manufacturers, but wil be back in stock soon.

Julian oh8stn

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