SO239 Female Female Chassis Connector

Hello Operators
I recently posted a fun find on Instagram. It is an SO239 female/female chassis connector. Almost immediately, I started getting questions asking where to find them. Ebay ofcourse!

‘I have two different projects where these chassis connectors will be useful. The old FT-891 gobox project, and the FT-817/FT818 AIO project. I thought I would give these budget chassis mounts a try, since I was ordering something else from that same seller. Doesn’t hurt to try anyway.


UHF Female to UHF Female Bulkhead Adaptor with Square Flange

Flange dimensions 25mm x 25mm, Mounting hole diameter : 3.5 mm (Counter Sunk), Mounting hole spacing : 18 mm x 18 mm, Overall length 35mm

Here are the connector build materials

These days it is pretty difficult to find these small speciality components here in Finland, so sharing these little treasure finds is a good idea. Especially when the budget option works out ok. Of course I could get Amphenol connectors from Mouser, but only at a ridiculous price. I don’t need a batch of 20, so I’ll give these a try.

You can find these chassis connectors from ebay ( Shipping was reasonable, and they arrived in about 2 weeks. I don’t have any long term testing done with them yet, but the preliminary lookover, seems promising. The seller seems to be a Ham Radio Operator with callsign M0MAT. that certainly helps.

I noticed the shop also has Nother versions of their chassis connector.

Julian oh8stn

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