Winlink Wednesday Net

Hello Operators.
One of the tools I’ve used for winlink practice, is the weekly winlink net called winlink Wednesday. There are two of then I check in to.

There first is out of Virginia. It’s called Winlink Wednesday. The details of it can be found at

The other, also another winlink net, is out of North Texas. That one doesn’t have its own website, but you can still find it here ( ).

Neither the original Virginia winlink Wednesday mentioned above, or the North Texas winlink Wednesday require you to be in either Virginia or Texas. Geographically, they’re open to everyone with an amateur radio license. The only caveat is check can’t be done with telnet. We need to send our check in over the air. That means it needs to leave our stations over RF.

I find these type of Nets to be a valuable way to stay current with our skills.

Julian oh8stn

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