Solar Powered Winlink RMS overview Wavetalkers

Hello Operators.
We talk lots about Winlink on the channel. Here is one example of a portable solar powered winlink gateway station, deployed out in the desert.
It’s on quite a high level, but worth taking a look.

Wavetalkers Solar Powered RMS

Julian oh8stn

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  1. This is fascinating and a great example of what can be done. Most impressive. Sadly, however, the expense of such a setup is likely far beyond the means of most mere mortals; nevertheless a good vid. Thanks much!!

  2. This is what I’m hoping to do with my home station. Primary station power from the 12v Power Supply with battery back-up and solar power for when/if the power goes out. All of my station accessories (computers, monitors, etc.) all running from 12v. Should make for a pretty robust station.

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