Disaster in Rolling Fork Mississippi

There are very few words!

Many of you already know what I would say, if I were going to say something. There’s no need for any self-promotion on the heals of this disaster. I’ll just leave it there!


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  1. Thanks for caring Julian! I am good and my family! We were blessed and praying for the folks in Rolling Fork, MS! De WV1Q

  2. I lived for a couple of years in “Tornado Alley” (Mississippi up through southern Illinois) — spring through early summer is a tense time as the tornadoes brew up fast and strike hard, often at night, leaving nothing behind. These scenes are horrific. Bad weather is all over the place right now. Here in northern Japan we’ve had torrential rain with mud slides and avalanches, with more to come. Everyone, stay safe and be ready to move quickly when needed.

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