PowerFilm solar panel vs hunting rifle

August 1, 2023 Julian OH8STN 0

A demonstration showcased the durability of PowerFilm Solar’s portable panels, enduring multiple hits from a .25 caliber rifle yet continuing to perform. Despite numerous punctures, the panels’ peak current decreased from 0.73 to 0.47 amps but remained stable. PowerFilm Solar, an American company, offers these robust panels excellent for mission-critical tasks, illustrating quality differences between brands.

Ebike Solar Charging How to

February 8, 2022 Julian OH8STN 15

The post provides a detailed guide to creating a portable solar charger for an e-bike using only solar panels, a charge controller, and the e-bike battery. The system is lightweight and doesn’t need an inverter. It details two scenarios: charging the e-bike battery while stationary, and using one battery while charging a second. Additionally, it explains the concept of pedal-assist, the role of a boost charge controller, and how to achieve off-grid e-bike charging.