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Bestech 4S LiFePO4 BMS: DIY Solar Generator

As with all my builds, the BMS is the heart of the storage system. In lithium based systems, the BMS takes care of:

  • balancing the cells,
  • provides short circuit protection,
  • over voltaghe protection,
  • under voltage protection

This is the same BMS we used in the 10ah Headway LiFePO4 build, so we have more than a year of trouble free, rock solid experience with this board in the field. We are also lucky the a ham radio operator in the USA supporting this project, has sources the boards fromt he manufacturer, making it easier to optain the board for builders- This supports the project, but also provides a trouble free source for the boards at a reasonable price.

The board is available from ebay and delivered from the United States

Bestech BMSWorldwide ebay listing

A123 LiFePO4 battery pack

N9TAX Slim Jim Antenna

This is the real deal as reviewed by Guerrillacomm on YouTube.
Authentic Dual Band N9TAX Slim Jim antenna!

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The N9TAX Slim Jim antenna is a 2m/70cm roll up antenna. N9TAX has produced these antennas professionally for nearly a decade, saying he has sold over 15000 units.


  • Dual Band 2m/70cm (144-148 / 440-450)
  • Antenna body approx 5′ in length.
  • Feedline 1′ in length.
  • Will handle 100+ watts.
  • 6db of gain.
  • Low radiation takeoff angle (peak <4 degrees)
  • 5 oz total weight.


  • Built with durable materials.
  • Sealed from the weather.
  • Proper connectors (no bulkhead female SMA connectors)
  • High quality RG-58 cabling.
  • Durable Ladder wire construction (not tv ribbon cable)
  • Trapped UHF section for proper band alignment.
  • Ferrite choke installed on cable.

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All Chameleon Products on Amazon

Chameleon MPAS

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Chameleon Hybrid Micro

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Chameleon F-LOOP 2.0

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CHA TD Broadband Terminated Dipole

Read my articles on this antenna system

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All Super Antenna Products on Amazon

Read the original blog post here

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Mini 60 Antenna Analyzer

Antenna analyzers are a critical piece of equipment for any radio operator. In this video, I show you how to set-up the Mini 60 (Sark 100 MR 100 clone) Antenna Analyzer, on an Android smartphone or tablet. You’ll also learn how to scan a portion or the entire band, while connected to a magnetic loop antenna. Here’s a short Rundown of the features which helped me decide on the Mini 60 over a new MFJ antenna analyzer. – Pocket Sized – Reasonably Priced – Wireless connectivity – Android compatibility and apps – Internal lithium battery – External broad voltage DC input – Rechargeable over USB The links mentioned in the video can all be found at the original blog post here:

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mcHF Clone RS-918 HF SDR Transceiver

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If you found this, you probably already read my pages on the topic. I think it’s absolute crap that a Chinese company can come in take someone’s work without giving them the credit for it. For the record, if they send me one, yes I would certainly review it on the channel. With that said, I’m saving all my pennies for an Elecraft KX2. Still, rather than rehashing all that here, here’s a link to my page on this radio.
Here are all the videos I’ve collected on this radio.

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