Off-grid power, Fixed & Field Radio, Digital QRP modes fanatic, Julian OH8STN is retired broadcast engineer and expat living in Scandinavia for the past couple of decades. Other than making YouTube videos, OH8STN enjoys operating an off-grid ham shack, man-portable micro-expeditions, designing and building bespoke gear, and solving many practical problems associated with off-grid survival radio on HF & VHF.

OH8STN promotes the concept of:
Max Capabilities with Minimal Gear.

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Survival Radio

When the channel and blog were started, the target was always man-portable field communications. Growning as an Operator over the years, I began understanding the need and importance of presenting both fixed and field communications strategies. Survival radio has never been about going to a managed campsite for field day, or an super easy POTA activation. Both can be fun, but survival radio is about purpose and intent!

Here are a few videos driving this point home.

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