PAT WinLink Connection over HF on Raspberry Pi

Hello Operators

Many operators have been frustrated and duped trying to use Pat winlink on Raspberry Pi, to connect to winlink gateways over HF.

Jason km4ack shows us how he does it off grid, using a modest setup from the field.

Operation conditions

  • Yaesu FT-857
  • 40M band

PAT winlink is the only winlink client for the Raspberry Pi. It’s far from being as simple and easy to use as winlink express, but it’s better than not having a winlink client at all.

The alternative to Pat winlink on a Raspberry Pi is PSKMail. PSKMail is a more straightforward radio email ckient and server, also available for Raspberry Pi. PSKMail has clients for all the major operating systems, without any complex configurations. The caveat is, PSKMail is not as well supported in North America. It is however open source, and very much follows the spirit of ham radio.


julian oh8stn

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