WinLink Emergency Email Server for Raspberry Pi

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Jason KM4ACK has a very interesting Emergency Email Server project for Raspberry Pi. This EES allows you to provide email access to users without grid communications capabilities.

The server works by allowing users to connect to the Rpi EES using a web browser on their own smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device. When connected, the EES displays a form, allowing users to enter the email To, and body text, then send their message to the out box. A cron job running on the raspberry pi polls for messages every 60 seconds, then sends messages to the PAT WinLink outbox.

PAT WinLink will send messages out over RF on HF, VHF or UHF, depending on the configured gateway. This is all seamless from the users perspective.

There are two prerequisites to getting this up and running.

  • First of all you have to have Pat winlink installed, configured, and operational.
  • You must have your Raspberry Pi configured as a Wi-Fi access point with a static IP address

Once those two prerequisites are fulfilled, you can go ahead and start configuring the emergency email server.

This last playlist is my own Raspberry Pi playlist for ham radio.


julian oh8stn

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