Nortent Gamme 4 Hot Dome tent vs blizzard

Hello Operators.

Many of you already know I’m the happy owner of a Nortent tipi/lavvo 6. Recently I also added the Nortent tipi/lavvo 4 to my expedition shelters. There’s absolutely no chance I’d be able to do what I do with field radio, without these lightweight man portable, hot tipi tents.

Last year you saw the Nortent Tipi/Lavvo 6 being deployed on my channel for the first time. There were quite a few winter deployments, then a multi-day deployment in August of last year. That was the first episode of The X days off grid series.

Since the deployment of the Nortent tipi 6 and tipi 4, nortent has been in development of a hot dome basecamp shelter, capable of extreme winter conditions and expeditions. This isn’t as lightweight as the tipi & lavvo series, but. It’s an expedition capable, hot dome tent shelter, with an incredible amount of stability in extreme conditions. Just to be clear here, it’s completely compatible with the Nortent wood stoves.

There isn’t a lot of information about the Nortent Gamme 4 on in their website at the moment, so I’m sharing a few Nortents Instagram posts and YouTube videos to get you started.


  • 4 seasons tent
  • Capacity: 4-5 person, 4 people with inner tent
  • Outer tent: Ripstop silnylon 40D, 260T, water 3000mm
  • Tent: Ripstop nylon 15D, 420T
  • Tent Bottom: Ripstop nylon 40D, 240T, water 5000mm
  • Weight: With poles and pegs 5.8 kg

Finally, no one asks me to share these posts. I’m not paid to offer my opinion or share a link. Sometimes there are companies who simply produce incredible products for those of us who operate outside of the status quo. We expect traditional ideas like quality, attention to detail, and pride in workmanship. So if you see it here, it really means something to me. Please visit Nortent on Instagram, and their website.


julian oh8stn

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