N9SAB Antenna Care Package Unboxing

N9SAB sent over an wire antenna care package. Lets unbox them together!

Hello Operators
The Portable or fixed station Ham Radio antenna is the keystone of a successful communications. The lightest and most efficient ham radio antennas available to the portable radio operator, are the dipole, off-center fed dipole, and end fed half wave antennas. These wires antennas are also extremely stealthy, making them an realistic option for those wanting to keep their HF comms on the down low.

Tim N9SAB has sent over a care package containing some very interesting ultra-lightweight and ultra-efficient antennas for portable and fixed station use. The package should include single and multiband dipole antennas, end-fed half wave antennas, and man-portable backpacking antennas, all being extremely efficient. Any of these antennas would be at home on a SOTA summit, on a POTA activation, or a ham radio expedition with one of the ultra-portable QRP radios available today. Let’s do an unboxing together, and see just what Tim sent over.

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Huge thanks to Tim N9SAB for sending over the care package. As winter is rolling to a close at 65 North, it’ll be time to get back out in the field for some portable work. I’ll leave you with two videos relevant to this care package. How you enjoy.

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