Super Antenna MP1 Ham Radio Go Kit (Episode notes)

Hello Operators.
In this video we head out to KP35WD Korpinen Finland, using the Super Antenna MP1 and the rest of my ham radio go kit. I’m using this kit to send out status updates and position reports from the off grid cabin, using the built in HF APRS integration of JS8Call.

To maximise battery life, and ensure a successful connection with other stations in EU, the HF Radio was set at 20 watts output. this is well within the Super Antenna MP1 specifications for digital modes. similar antennas comparing themselves to the MP1, limit TX output to 25 watts for digital modes. I’ve run ALE, JS8 & FSQ through the MP1 for days at 75 watts, just to test the antennas sustained capabilities.

The system is powered by a 10ah LiFePO4 Battery pack, which is topped up with a Genasun charge controller, and PowerFilm Solar 120w folding, flexible panel. This is same system I use for portable off grid power and comms in the solar powered basecamp, and emergency communications in the field.

Rig control, and software are all running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. The Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian Stretch. Software running on the Pi are: PAT WinLink, FLDigi, JS8Call & WSJT-X for WSPR. The Raspberry Pi takes NTP time source from a U-Blox USB GPS dongle. This allows accurate clock timing, for modes relying on an accurate clock.

The entire ham radio station fits in a hand carried camera/tackle bag.

Julian oh8stn

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