Impromptu QRP JS8Call QSO with Icom IC-705

QRP JS8Call Ham Radio QSO with an Icom IC-705 running 10 watts. I was recording clips for another video project, when GW4OZU came in on 20 meters. I was already running the camera gear, so I sent him a shout back.
The video is kind of chillaxing or boring (your perspective). However, it does show the power and capabilities of JS8Call for low-power HF communications.

There’s already been questions in the comments about the antenna used in the video. I’m using an 80M OCF dipole from N9SAB. You can read about or watch my antenna strategy here:


It may be difficult to understand the benefits of JS8Call, if one has not used the software or even FT8 previously. Like FT8, CW and other very narrow analog and/or data modes, JS8Call is extremely efficient.

JS8Call was designed for low-power data communications. It utilizes a narrow-bandwidth asynchronous stream of data, time synced (like FT8). These time synced station take turns sending and receiving short or long-form messages in 15 seconds sets. Unlike FT8, JS8Call messages are free form. This means it is more like slype or messenger, then FT8. This is a good thing.

JS8Call also allows operators to send stored and/or forwarded messages to stations they can hear, or through stations that can hear the station we want. It really is quite intuitive.

Icom IC-705

As a data modes Operator who ventures out into the field, the Icom IC-705 is the apex of HF data communications. There is literally no better radio than the Icom IC-705 for portable data communications. There certainly are more rugged radios, more lightweight radios, … Sadly, there are no other radio a well designed as wireless data communications than the venerable QRP radio from Icom. I could eep on going, but it will sound like bought and paid for hype. It is not hype! Is it perfect? No! However, there is no better engineered HF portable radio to compliment data communications on the market.

Julian oh8stn

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  1. Hi Julian good job. Please could you tell me about your both portable pc? Thank you
    Regards, IZ0UPZ Marco

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