Faraday Gear Bag from Off Grid Trek

Hello Operators.
This isn’t really the normal type of thing I share, but thought many of you would find it interesting. 

So why do you need a faraday cage? EMP, coronal mass ejections, high altitude nukes above cities are all capable  of frying unhardened electronics. A faraday cage provides an attenuation buffer around anything stored inside it.

After testing a few different  supposed Faraday cages and Faraday bags  promising to protect our Electronics, I began to wonder if they were just a scam.  Some of them offered some  attenuation  protection for electronics, but most of them failed miserably.  The faraday bag from www.offgridtrek.com passed the “no signal”  phone and HF radio tests.
The bag provides enough attenuation to stop incoming or outgoing cell phone signals and GPS. It also offers enough attenuation to considerably reduce nearby HF signals, from reaching a receiver placed inside the bag.

I’ve searched for a practical solution to store my backup comms go kit, solar gen, HF radio, solar panels, and test equipment when away from home. A gear bag offering Faraday protection when forced to move the kit from its primary storage location, to a secondary spot.

So far this is the first Faraday gear bag I’ve tried, which allows protection for our sensitive electronics, while moving from one location to another. A faraday cage which actually isn’t a trash can, and doesn’t weigh a ton.
You can find them at http://www.offgridtrek.com
Julian oh8stn

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