HFAPRS RX & Respond to Message using APRS Messenger

This is a short demonstration of APRS Messenger message reception, reply, and acknowledgement over HF APRS.

HFAPRS and APRS Messenger are the little-known gems of keyboard to keyboard group communications on HF. Many operators talk about other chat modes, but few modes offer these near real-time keyboard chat and messaging capabilities as APRS Messenger.
APRS Messenger has several modes available for various band conditions. PSK63, PSK250, MFSK16, MFSK4, and GMSK250. the application is able to receive any of these modes simultaneously, regardless of the operating mode the radio operator is using at the time.

As a “Utility Mode”, HFAPRS and APRS Messenger should be looked at as a toolbox. For poor band conditions or extreme QRP, we drop down to MFSK4. For fast messaging or near real-time chat, we use PSK250 or GMSK250. The clever bit here is having multiple modes available to the operator, for the type of band/operating conditions we happen to be in.

MFSK4 is an incredible weak signal mode. This is the first time it’s been employed in this way, and is comparable to FT8. It also works with completely random text , meaning you’re not limited to the structured QSO of other modes like JT9, JT65, FT8, … Like other narrow bandwidth modes, we reduce speed, and reduce bandwidth to achieve greater operating efficiency.

APRS over HF is the logical choice for true grid down group Comms. It allows groups of operators to coordinate logistics, share location, exchange messages, have kb to kb chat, and coordinate other commo like peer-to-peer PSKMail, WinLink, FSQ, or other modes with File Sharing capabilities. Most importantly, it allows you to see in near real-time, where all of your group assets are, out in the field.

video url: https://youtu.be/9VoEByfgP4U

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