Your Privacy: The General Data Protection Regulations

Hello Operators.

I’m a bit of a stickler about privacy. There’s all this nonsense going on right now about Facebook and all the megalo-corps using your personal information as Commodities to be sold. None of this is new! Politicians have empowerd corporations by making it easier to turn us into the product, over what we once thought our traditional role was, “the customer”.

The truth is “nothing is free”, even if it says it’s free. There’s always going to be a business model in the background helping to fund the operational costs and turn a profit for stakeholders.

The business model for this website and anything associated with it is simple. It’s supported by you in several ways .

  • Channel and blog supporters fund the ongoing mission of this blog and the channel through Patreon and PayPal.
  • The website has family friendly advertising.
  • There are links to products on Amazon and eBay.
  • The blog accepts banners from manufacturers who’s products previously received a positive review on the channel, or recommended by a majority of you.

So even with all that, it’s still loss-making which is okay, because it’s not a business.

Promise from OH8STN

Other than the username and password you use to access this website, I don’t store anything about you. I don’t share your information with anyone, I don’t sell your information for any reason, and I don’t ask you for information which would be deemed valuable to someone who might like to buy it. Moreover, the sole purpose of this blog and the channel is sharing projects, information, and methodology, useful to a community of like-minded utilitarian amateur radio operators. There’s no other agenda!

Julian oh8stn

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