Off Grid Clock sync on Raspberry Pi Ublox USB GPS

Hello operators.

One of the benefits of doing these off grid series, is the knowledge we gain from getting out of the office and out into the field. One of the things I learned was how to synchronize the clock on my Raspberry Pi, using a cheap Ublox USB GPS dongle.

As we all know, accurate time is critical for some modes of digital Communications. When we don’t have access to the internet, achieving accurate time on a Raspberry Pi becomes a real pain. Since I’m running out of time before the x days off grid series, I reached out to some of my friends for help. Jordan KN4CRD, found a relatively new blog post from Mike Richards G4WNC, who had the perfect tutorial for this project. It’s called Raspberry Pi stretch GPS dongle As Time source.
I have now turned Mike blog into a video tutorial, but don’t forget to stop by Mikes blog to thank him too.

Some thoughts

One thing we should all consider is no one person has all of the answers. What we try to do with the channel and the blog is build a community, a community we all contribute to. Each and every operator has something to share. Some expertise that other operators don’t have yet. So we all contribute what we can, which makes the community that much more valuable to us all. Naturally it’s the quality of what we contribute not the quantity. Still, there’s absolutely no point in hoarding experience, or knowledge. That’s why I take so much of my time to share content from others.

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