JS8Call FT8CALL update for eye strain/relief

Amateur radio developers often develop from a functional perspective, but sometimes forget the user perspective. For some of us, staring into the typical white background of apps is like staring into a powerful light bulb. Personally this means having to wear sunglasses or other dampeners to attenuate the pain caused by apps having no facilities for tuning the GUI.

This is not only a problem for people suffering from eye problems. Anyone staring into a tablet or laptop at night, into an app with no night – mode can suffer a variety of issues ranging from migraines to sleeplessness. It’s all well documented.

Anyway, long story short. Jordan KN4CRD has just released version 0.6.4 of FT8CALL. He has now included the facilities to customize the text foreground, background and tables for a much better user experience. Light text on dark background is also a easy way to reduce the current consumption of our devices.

Users can customize the colors and text to their hearts content. For many of us it means no more migraines, after staring into a tablet for hours on end. For others it’s a chance to mod the app colors for increased cool factor, (just sayin).

Hopefully other ham radio developers are paying attention to these Innovative new features, and start implementing similar updates themselves.

Julian oh8stn

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