Data Mode Haters are Gonna Hate!

These days the channel is under constant bombardment by CW organisations and their fanboys. They criticize weak signal data modes, as a way of protesting the decline of morse code activity on the bands.

Back in the day, I occasionally worked CW, but just never found the joy in it, as I have with low power weak signal work, under the noise floor. Even so, you would never hear me criticize the joy someone else has working the straight key. The joy and passion of operating is important, not the modes we operate.

I’m not against CW, SSB, FT8 or any other modes Operators enjoy. Still, I’ve come into amateur radio from the science side of it. VHF, UHF, SHF, homebrew, Weak Signal VHF/HF, antenna building, weather stations, satellites, mesh networks, solar powered field communications, light weight data modes, Linux, Raspberry Pi, … I have nothing against “you” preserving “your” tradition but. My goal is driving the community forward with physics, hard work and field communications. Innovation in amateur radio is not a bad thing, but a lack of innovation, will certainly see our numbers decline!

So here’s a message for all the haters. Every time a hater leaves a silly message, or criticizes weak signal data modes, it lights a fire under my ass! The best motivation I have, comes from the haters criticizing what I do.

Bikers have a saying. “It doesn’t matter what you ride, only that you ride!”. We should Inspire this way of thinking in the amateur radio community.

Just think, if the haters would spend that same amount of energy promoting what they’re passionate about, that side of the community would be growing, not dying! Food for thought.

Julian oh8stn

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    • Outstanding. I didn’t know you were on js8call. I got into Oregon the other day, but haven’t been able to do it again since then.
      Yeah I agree I let them say what they want as long as they say it politely. When they become haters though have to call them out. It’s awesome to hear from you.

  1. I see the same thing on the websites members you are getting rude comments from Julian |-} I ‘m a member of some of those groups as well and along with several other members we defend the digital weak signal modes very well =) The members that comment are really a VERY SMALL in number within the groups I belong to and most use Digital Weak Signal Modes along with CW =) So do not let the detractors bother anyone wanting to get into DIGITAL WEAK SIGNAL MODES ….. we are here and with growing numbers with the solar cycle the way it is and beyond =)

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