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Hello Operators.

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new clamp mount, you may have seen in one of my videos or my social media feeds recently. The clamp is called the UCM, and comes from chameleon antenna.

The UCM augments the original jaw clamp mount we’ve used for many years. Where the jaw clamp mount was great on metal bars in either vertical or horizontal configuration, it could not do so without damaging the surface it was attached to. In contrast, the UCM is designed for flat, horizontal surfaces, and leaves no visible Mark’s on the surface after release. The UCM also works with a variety of 3/8×24 terminated antenna systems.

The UCM is a rugged one-piece clamp designed to supporting higher antenna loads, without damaging the surface it’s attached to.

The CHA UCM is perfect for use in temporary, semi-permanent, or portable installations, converting almost any flat surface, into an antenna hard mount.

The UCM mounting base, is fabricated from 1/4″ (6.35mm) 6061 aluminum. With a 2-1/2” (63.5mm) wide lip, the UCM is designed to clamp on surfaces up to 3-1/2” in (88.9mm) thickness.

All the vital hardware is brass. The grounding lug is ¼-20” brass, providing a low-resistance path from the coaxial connector to the grounding lug, to ground or counterpoise.

As usual, the UCM is made with the usual high CNC machined quality, we expect from Chameleon Antenna.

UCM Universal Clamp Mount

73, Julian oh8stn

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