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Hello Operators.

As promised in this video, I would set up a page to share specific answers to questions you all have shared related to the Xiegu X5105.

Let’s start with my first X5105 video, then some of the images taken over the last two months with this radio. Finally on your questions.


Order a Xiegu x5105


Data modes cable seen in the video:

Chameleon MPAS 2.0

Viewer questions

What antenna are you using with the Xiegu X5105?

I chose the Chameleon MPAS 2.0. It’s a lightweight, Broadband easy to deploy antenna system which works very well with the built-in antenna tuner, on the x5105.

I believe the high noise floor is due to unusually high reference level setting in the x5105 itself. Perhaps something in the firmware. To get around this I simply turn off the preamp, and reduce the RF gain. I’ve tested whether or not I can still hear all the same things I hear with my Yaesu ft-891, and Xiegu G90 and I can. In fact the other day I decoded a station with js8call at snr -25. This is something I rarely see, on my other radios.

I understand this  is not scientific, but it works for me with good results.

Excellent question Jason.

With the x5105 I’m using a Lenovo c940 15in Yoga tablet/laptop combination. I do this because the Raspberry Pi I normally, is almost the same size as the x5105. So I just use a laptop to simplify the setup. If I’m doing navtex, psk, rtty, sstv, will using any of the other daytime mode application supported on Android, I’m using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, and wolphilink. When I’m using my ft-891 or g90, the Raspberry Pi are integrated with those radios. So then it’s just a matter of convenience.

Great questions.
The radio is absolutely solid. It’s got a full metal body, polycarbonate cover over the display, and the buttons have a solid yet responsive feel to them. It feels at least as solid as the ft-818, with the added benefit of not having any protruding rotary encoders to break.
If you shake the radio, there’s no rattling from internal components. I did have some beach sand Ingress, between the polycarbonate cover and screen. I accidentally kicked sand all over my station by mistake. It was easy enough to clean it up, and nothing was damaged.
To be honest, it doesn’t feel like what we’ve come to know as a “Chinese radio”. This is no Baofeng. Of course, only time will tell how long something will last. I can assure you though, I wouldn’t invest the time showing a plastic, fragile, bad investment on the channel. 👍

This is a true qrp radio in every sense of the word.  So max output power is 5 watts, with or without an external power supply. Thankfully this radio has decent Cooling, and an adequate heat sink. So we can actually drive this radio at 5 watts, for hours on end.

At the moment I just use any random padded bag which happens to fit the radio. Then the radio goes inside an Ortlieb dry bag, which goes inside my pack. I suppose if weight was not a concern, I would get the closest fitting Pelican case I could find.

To be continued

73, Julian oh8stn

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