WWFF JS8Call Island Activation | Hailuoto Kirkkosalmi OHFF-0970

Hello Operators
On 8 May 2021, OH8HUB and myself will be activating WWFF “OHFF-0970 Kirkkosalmi”. Which has never been activated. It’s also an IOTA island. Primary mode for the activation is JS8Call.

Although traditionally a QRP station would be deployed, one of our goals is testing the portable power capabilities of the station. To that end, I’m bringing along the DIY599 PA500 amplifier. This amplifier along with the Chameleon MPAS & Extension, will provide the required multi-band capabilities for JS8Call, and potentially P2P Winlink connections.

The activation will be manned by two Operators, with two separate rigs.

Portable Power & Comms Gear


  • Icom IC-705
  • DIY 599 PA500
  • Chameleon MPAS & EXT
  • 1X PowerFilm FM16-6000LT
  • Genasun GV8-Boost
  • 256wh solar generator


  • Yaesu FT-891
  • 80m Half wave end fed
  • 1x PowerFilm FM16-6000LT
  • Genasun GV8-Boost
  • 576wh solar generator

We will be orating out of the Nortent Gamme 4 with wood stove. Even though temperatures are forecast to be just above freezing, the wind coming off the Gulf of Bothnia, can still make it feel like 10 degrees below freezing. So exposure prevention needs to be taken seriously. We will deploy with the titanium wood stove, even though this is a relatively short activation. Operator comfort is key to a successful field deployment.

The goal is to be set up by 0900 Zulu. One of us will start off with 40m JS8Call. Because of the red cross Winlink event on the same day, I will alternate between JS8all and Winlink. Feel free to coordinate skeds over Winlink during the activation. One question which is still open. Are Winlink contacts starting and ending over RF good for WWFF?

About Hailuoto is the largest island in the Gulf of Bothnia, consisting of four parts, Luoto, Santonen, Hanhinen and Syökari. Hailuoto is located on an island of the same name opposite the city of Oulu in the Gulf of Bothnia. Land in the region is constantly rising due to post-glacial rebound. It is estimated that the first parts of Hailuoto appeared from the Baltic Sea about 1700 years ago. The current island of Hailuoto was formed from many smaller islands. Two large sections, Santonen and Hanhinen merged into the main island (Luoto) only about two centuries ago. 

Julian oh8stn
YouTube: http://www.youtube,cm/c/oh8stn
Support the sausage acquisition: https://paypal.me/oh8stn/1usd

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    • Thanks, we’ll need it. This is the first WWFF activation for me. Let’s see how it goes

  1. Het Julian,
    Watch out for the icebergs when you are crossing.
    Good luck on the expedition. I really enjoy your videos and appreciate all your work. You are a great teacher!

    John Limanowski N9DNB

  2. It’s my understanding that ALL modes are ok for WWFF providing they are direct (i.e. No relay, IRLP, repeaters or echolink), are appropriately logged and Call signs/ signal reports are exchanged. So a P2P RF winlink exchange should satisfy. But if in doubt checkout the rules at wwff.co
    But whatever happens sounds like a great chance to have some fun and learn at the same time.

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