Lab599 Discovery TX-500 CE Certified

Hello Operators.

Just thought to bring you this good news coming from PileupDX. The tx-500 is finally received CE certification for Europe. This means mass production of the rig can get kicked off, and orders can start being fulfilled.

Here’s a link to the blog post from Pileup discussing the TX-500 CE certification.

Now that we’re much closer to delivery, perhaps it’s time to take a look at my initial review, and latest update video published earlier this month.

First review

May 2021 Update

Imagine how incredible it is to see a small company like this, building a rugged No Nonsense radio, many of us have asked for. There still are no other rugged radios on the market, despite the demand.

TX-500 with matching PA500 Amplifier

I’m looking forward to receiving my tx500 in the coming weeks. The weather being what it is rain rain rain, the tx-500 would have been the perfect companion on some of my outdoor Adventures. Definitely not asking for more rain but if it does, the tx-500 will be the bad weather radio of choice.

Let me know what you think.

Julian oh8stn

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  1. I have one of these on order, thanks in large part to reviews by you and Thomas Witherspoon. People have been getting them here in the US for a couple weeks now, so Europeans should start getting them pretty quickly.

  2. The CE certification (along with the previous FCC certification) is good news. I agree that new players in the field are needed and welcome and, hopefully, can push some of the heretofore seen general stolid thinking (lack of rugged and weather proof radios, radios that don’t work well with iPads, etc.). The TX500 is a very interesting beast and has received generally good reviews so far. Still, if it is an emergency situation and I have to bolt with a man-portable system…I look at the TX500 and see the ruggedness but also that it stops at 6m, while the IC-705 might not be as rugged or as weather proof, but covers me on HF down to 6m, plus VHF and UHF. Oh, well — horses for courses an food for thought. I’m looking forward to whatever new insights you find on the TX500. 73

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