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Deep analysis of the MPAS 2.0 from Chameleon Antenna by SurvivalComms

This is by far the best video I’ve seen on the Chameleon MPAS 2.0 to date. No BS, straight to the point, and full of information helping you understand how this system functions, and why to use it

One thing that isn’t covered in the video which probably should have been, is the difference between a high performance mono-band antenna, and a Broadband antenna like the MPAS. Broadband antennas are a compromise. They allow you to cover a wide spectrum with a single antenna. In contrast, something like a dipole or monoband vertical gets extremely good performance on a single band. Venture outside the bands its cut for, and it’s a no-go. In communications, we can either have one or the other. There are some alternatives for example the end fed half wave. Even the end fed half wave has limitations. It’ll cover bands which are harmonically similar eg 80, 40, 20, 10, but won’t cover 60, 30, 17, … without a tuner. The off-center fed dipole is another antenna covering multiple bands. In fact the off-centerfed dipole is my backup antenna. It’s one I deploy when I need higher performance then I can have from a broadband antenna. Even the Off Center fed dipole comes at a price.

If I want to win a ham radio contest, naturally I’m going to use a resonant antenna for the best performance on a chosen band. When I’m band hopping for example with ALE or Winlink with a single antenna, the broadband antenna makes more sense.

Please do watch the entire video, for a full analysis! Also give a like and sub to Brett of SurvivalComms.

The video beneath this text is a short deployment operating man portable. There was a 12 km hike, rapid development winlink deployment with the MPAS 2.0. This video shows you very well how a single person can set up this antenna system in just a couple of minutes.

In this next video, this is a deployment of the MPAS 2.0 on the island of Hailuoto in the gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden. Once again I show a pragmatic use of this antenna system, for regional Communications with Wimlink.

As always guys, use the right tool for the job. You’ve seen a lot of different antennas on the channel, each one has pros and cons and best scenarios where they shine.

Julian oh8stn

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  1. Thanks for the link to the review video. Brett’s thorough analysis reminds me of your honest and objective reviews of various emcomm gear.

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