OTA Micro-Blogging concept update


There’s been substantial progress made on the OTA Micro-Blogging concept.
Paul Offord has made a python utility that integrates with JS8Call through its TCP/UDP API. The following playlist has my original concept and the Proof of Concept videos of Paul’s Python utility running with JS8Call.
Paul says the Python code, and a more detailed description of the server, are available at PaulOfford/mbserver: Microblog Server (github.com) He would also be very interested in thoughts and feedback on the utility.
Paul shared his work on the JS8Call groups,io page. That thread can be found here. https://groups.io/g/js8call/message/21506

Latest presentation

I’ve additionally created a playlist featuring my original concept, plus Paul’s proof of concept videos.

It would be a blessing to get more of you involved in this project. The Micro-Blogging concept is a valuable addition to the EMCOMM & Preparedness communities.  Let’s see how well we can improve the concept and tools.
Julian oh8stn

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  1. Hello Julian,

    I have to admit, coding with Python is a lost cause with me. Darned wish I could. These are features not included with the current version of JS8Call. The use of a GPS receiver is tops on my list, without attempts with Python. The Micro Blogging could be another use if all this could be rolled into a new version of JS8Call.

    Being able to use a table or PC as a server combined with JS8Call opens up another avenue to leave messages, events, etc. to be picked up later.

    The old man only needs an .exe file.


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