I thought it was about time that I added a Links Page to this website. I’ll also add one to once its migration to the new server is complete

Remember guys, it’s a lot of work to collect images, write inttoductions and add links for all of the friends and supporters of the content I create. If you don’t find yourself up here please don’t take it personally. It may very well be I simply haven’t started adding sites like yours to the Links Page yet.

Friends of OH8STN

Jim k7JLJ
Jim K7JLJ blogs and makes practical YouTube videos about communications preparedness. His YouTube videos augment the articles and is published on

Radio Preppers: Radio Preppers gets the top spot because of the nature of the site and channel. In my opinion radio preppers is the single most important website for communications preparedness on the internet today. The focus is on amateur radio as a utility for survival and preparedness. This is in serious contrast to the EMCOMM perspective which is often confused with comms preparedness. You won’t find the “Baofeng prepper” nonsense there, this forum is the real deal!

Radio preppers also has a YouTube channel.. like the website his YouTube channel is also very much focused on Communications preparedness. Gil enjoys educating. He explains things in a way everyone can understand. He takes great pride in how he presents his message.

Jocke Lind SA5LKC
No stranger to field ops, Jocke is also a blogger, youtuber and supporter of the channel. You can find him on Instagram and Facebook as well.

John VE3IPS is a blogger Qrper, and supporter

VA3OSO is a well respected field operator. He uses his skills to operate in the cold Canadian Winters. If I can get my comms on half as well as he does, I would call myself lucky. If you’re very fond of my man portable operations you’re absolutely going to enjoy his YouTube channel.

Ham Radio 360 Cale Nelson hosts the popular ham radio podcast HamRadio360. There are great interviews, and excellent learning workbench shows. Cale surprised me with his Pro broadcaster professionalism but down-to-earth candor. The first interview I ever gave about my YouTube channel was with Cale. If I’m quite honest Cale got me comfortable, helping me open up about my own content & message. Please support HamRadio360

    Companies featured on the channel
    I do not get paid for reviews! These companies are here because I beleive in their work, one of more of their products, and service to the community. No amount of money will get a company posted here.

    Mobilinkd is a small amateur radio business from the American Midwest. Mobilinkd makes it possible to add wireless APRS capabilities to almost any amateur radio rig. I specifically enjoy the combination of the Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC with an Android Smartphone or Tablet.

    Wolphi LLC Wolphi was made incredibly popular by his Android apps DroidPSK, DroidRTTY, DroidSSTV, … and the WolphiLink interface which is still the only (and best) Android audio interface for Smartphones and Tablets.

    Chameleon Antenna is a small Amateur radio antenna manufacturer from the Western United States. Chameleon was made popular by it’s modular, user configurable antenna systems, which can be changed/re-configured for various operating scenarios From high performance long wire antenna, collapsible self supporting rapaid deployment systems, to man-portable and HOA magnetic loop antennas. Chameleon is often featured on the channel and blog.

    Super Antenna is a small amateur radio antenna manufacturer in the western United States. Super Antenna manufactures the iconic ultra portable MP1 antenna series. This system was made popular by its extremely small break-down size, performance, and popularity with the HFPack community. The Super Antenna MP1 is also capable of multiple configurations, meeting operating conditions and requirements.

    ZLP Electronics is a small amateur radio manufacturer from the United Kingdom. He specializes in light-weight ultra compact audio and CAT control interfaces. One of those interfaces is the ZLP MiniProSC often featured on my channel. The MiniProSC was my choice over the SignaLink USB for performance, simplicity, and compatibility with Android and Linux.

    G4ZLP Website

    My favorite YouTubers
    There are absolutely too many of them to list here. I will eventually get around to listing them here but until then just click on the YouTube icon to go to my featured channels list.

    Blogs I follow TBD
    Here you’ll find the various blogs and pages that I follow regularly

    Others I follow

    The Arab Adventurer: I first became aware of the Arab Adventurer from Instagram. With all of the cultural and religious clashes between the West and Arab worlds, I found his adventures came as welcomed relief. In April 2009 he became the first Arab to walk to the magnetic North Pole, pulling a sledge weighing up to 50 kg, for 650 km, in temperatures regularly as low as minus 40 Celsius. com

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