K9ARV/P QRP with an 817

Today I’m sharing a video from one of my YouTube buddies Tony K9ARV. There’s a couple of different reasons why I’m sharing it, but the main reason, is the excitement in Tony’s voice, when he hears that 40 meter station coming back to him.

When you watch the video, one can’t help but smile, as we listen to the excitement in Tony’s voice as he’s tuning up, when the station comes back to him, and when he’s tearing his qrp portable station down after that successful QSO. We all know that feeling. It is unmistakable! It’s a feeling of amateur radio accomplishment. 

After all the frustration,  after hours of trial and error, Tony knows  all of his knowledge, and equipment came together for a successful qrp portable day.

We seriously need to encourage more operators to have days like this. What made this video so awesome? Tony is enjoying amateur radio his way. His own unique recipe of alligator dodging and qrp portable with his Yaesu ft-817.

Rock and roll!

de oh8stn.

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