WSPR Antenna Testing Methodology

Hello Operators.

By now, most of you know I’ve been using the the WSPRLite from SOTABeams. Richard was kind enough to send one over for testing and review. After spending some time with the WSPRLite, I realized there would be much more potential if I had a second unit, and used the set for simultaneous antenna testing and comparisons in real-time.

So I ordered a new WSPRLite, added a two battery banks and all the required cables to make myself a dual WSPRLite test kit.

In this video I demonstrate the WPSRLite test kit with the Chameleon MPAS, and Super Antenna MP!C, both in dipole configuration. The testing took place over several weeks, with the final test day and results shown in the video. In addition to te video, there are WSPR test results in PDF format for download at the bottom of the page.

Test results in PDF

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