WAVETALKERS Winlink Exercise 7-10 APRIL 2020

Hello Operators.
This just came in over winlink. I find I’m often too involved with my own projects to support & share those from others as I used to. I still feel it’s important to make time, so sharing it here.
One reason this is interesting is they’re operating a solar-powered Gateway for the event, which seems right up our alley.

Forward from Wavetalkers.
We are setting up a portable HF RMS Gateway at baker2vegas April 6-10  Details are at https://wavetalkers.com/b2v.php  

Would be awesome if you could check in and help us share the link to the info page. Let me know approx when you may be able to connect and I can point the hexbeam in your direction to give a better chance at connecting via skywave.  We’ll be on 80, 40, 20, and 17m.  EmComm III and a BuddiHex on the antennas, PowerfilmSolar and bioenno for power, and icom trancievers.  The gateway will also have periodic connectivity through cellular so it will operate in the store and forward mode for traffic handling. 

I got the W6AH gateway on the air yesterday and will be running more tests over the weekend in preparation to heading out to the Mojave next week.  Our weekly live streams have been focused on winlink for several months now and episodes 16, 17, and this coming episode 18 area really focused on getting ops up and running, VARA HF, and the upcoming epside on the portable gateway.

73 and keep up the strong work!
Chris de W6AH

For those of you within range, it would be a excellent if you could send a check-in direct. I’m sure the team would appreciate it.
Julian oh8stn

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