A new website

As the popularity of the YouTube channel increases, so does the demand on www.survivaltechnology.net servers. Since a move to a new hosting provider is going to be a seriously big deal, I thought to start the process by creating OH8STN.org, a site for my Man-Portable and Digital QRP activities.

This site is not designed to replace survivaltechnology.net, but will augment it while I learn my new servers capabilities, and build this second site with the new server host.

Some useful links:

For those of you wondering why ads run on my website. Ads help pay for server hosting, production tools and software, batteries, microphones, storage space, travel tickets, and muc of the gear you see on the channel and websites. As a retired guy, on a modest income, I could not afford to provide all the content I do, if ads were not enabled on my websites, and videos. Moreover, I don’t get paid for reviews! The only income coming from what I publish comes from ads.

Thats all for now.


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