Specs as provided on the manufacturer’s website

I’ve been watching the mcHF HFSDR transceiver for quite some time, and with great interest. So far the only reason I have for not ordering the pcbs, is not knowing if I have the eyesight to complete the kit. M0NCK makes it clear that the mcHF HFSDR transceiver is a project, not a product. Still somehow this Chinese clone & product release, leaves of pretty awful taste in my mouth.I do understand someone who doesn’t have the skills to build a kit. Or for whatever reason, (like my eyesight) doesn’t want to order the kit. So certainly having a built and tested product available, is good news for many operators. It would just be nice if the developers of the project would get some sort of recognition from this Chinese company who has clearly stolen their efforts.

With all that said, here is all the information I’ve collected from various content creators on YouTube and around the net. if you’ve decided on ordering this radio please help out the channel by buying it on eBay
Here are also some images of the RS-918SSB, along with the video and first start up of this new clone.

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