Patio PSK: Digital QRP for the haters!

There are always those operators who tell you what you’re doing won’t work. Then you casually go outside to set up on the patio.  Within three minutes you work a station over three thousand kilometers away. To add insult to injury, you do it with 2.5 watts, using an FT-817ND, through an antenna they say shouldn’t work, on a band they say, “has no conditions” at all. All while they preach the need for QRO “in these conditions”.

Yeah, you’re a digital qrp operator! ?

This one is for Dale W4OP.  Dale constantly likes to remind us of his fondness for the Alexloop, Chameleon F & P Loops, and others. He says he is the only “Engineer” designing commercial magnetic loops for amateur radio, insisting, no other commercial loops work! Yet digital QRP, SOTA, RaDAR and other operators all over the world are working with these loops he says “don’t work”.

I think the thing I take from Dale is, when someone tells you everything else is bad,  instead of why theirs is better, the instant Buyer Beware flag pops up! No Dale, I’m not buying your W4OP loop! Mine works just fine thanks!

de oh8stn 

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