MPAS Upgrade CHA Spike Mount

A few weeks ago I reached out to Chameleon Antenna for a second MIL WHIP. I did so in order to test and make a tutorial video for the Chameleon MPAS in a horizontal dipole configuration. Today I received that package along with a few surprises inside.

One of those surprises was a new development from Chameleon Antenna, it’s called the CHA Spike Mount. Now before I start to appear like some overly excited Mad Man,  let me tell you what it is.

The CHA Spike Mount is a clever ground spike meant for the the CHA MINI or MICRO series of Broadband matching Transformers. I suspect it will also work with other Broadband matching Transformers from other manufacturers. Its sole purpose is to replace dependence upon a tripod or jaw mount. No I haven’t been smoking any of those funny cigarettes. Yes I am about to suggest carrying this long piece of metal man portable, out in the field.

You see, one of the limitations we often have when qrp camping or some other type of man portable deployment, is supporting a vertical whip antenna (when we use one). Previously we had some sort of telescopic pole, a tripod, some sort of clamping or clasping mount (I know, I know  just put a dipole in a tree!). Although all of these have their place, the issue of Mobility was always in the back of our minds. Now I can carry a lightweight collapsible whip, with a matching transformer, a lightweight counterpoise kit, and the CHA Spike Mount, which is lighter and more compact than some other types of supporting structure. I also get the added benefit the grounding my field station through this spike.

These are few pictures I snapped from the backyard. It’s raining and the Sun is going “down”, but I was stoked about getting this blog post up. I’ll also embed Chameleons video on the CHA Spike Mount.

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