MEF-1 Half-Wave End-Fed Antenna Tuner build

In this video Gil F4WBY introduces us to the MEF-1 Halfway Endfed tuner. The MEF-1 is a mono-band QRP EndFed antenna Tuner. It can be configured for any frequency between 40-10m. 

Here are the specs

  • Power rating: 10 Watts.
  • Bands: any single band from 7-30MHz.
  • Measurements: 35 x 70 mm. Size box: 35 x 50 x 18 mm.
  • Weight: ~100 grams

The website says: “All components Kit. Box, PCB and connector included (wire antenna not included)”.

Gil gives us a great overview, and shows us how to put the kit together.

For me, it looks like a lightweight, extremely portable efhw in the ultra-lightweight qrp camping class. You can find details about the kit here.

de oh8stn 

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