DIY 3/4S Li-Ion QRP Battery Pack

If you’ve been around the channel for a while, you’ve already seen this project. I just thought it’s time to bring it over to this site, so more operators could find it.

The project is called the qrp battery pack, (or Ultra Pack). The qrp battery pack was based on an idea of using three or four 18650 batteries, a battery management board, and the battery tray, which when combined would make an ultra portable battery pack for your qrp rig. Also happens that the battery management board made this pack solar- chargeable in the field.

In the meantime and before I update this post again here’s the original video showing how to make/build the 4S version of the qrp battery pack.

Something that’s changed since I originally built this system, is the belief that a 3s battery pack will eliminate some of the components in the system. Still I need to explain. I’m using the boost converter to get the necessary voltage for the pack when charging from DC source eg. power supplier or a solar panels standard charge controller. We can eliminate the Boost converter if we use a lithium ion compatible charge controller like the genasun or Voltec-solar.  you can also remove the need for these extra components if we Simply Built a 3s battery pack in the first place. This is my belief I haven’t tested it yet but I’m certainly going to build another one of these packs and the coming weeks and months.

Finally, here is also a playlist with all the background and prototyping video. There are also videos from my YouTube Buddies who have built similar types of battery packs. 

de oh8stn 

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