Chameleon F-LOOP 2.0

Hello Operators.
It’s been some time since featuring a magnetic loop antenna on the channel. As I’m constantly being asked about loops, I thought it’s about time to make a introduction video for the Chameleon F-LOOP 2.0.

The Chameleon F-LOOP is definitely no stranger to this blog or the YouTube channel. It’s an old war horse that’s been with the channel for a long time. Earlier this year I heard the F-LOOP was getting an update. Admittedly, I was pretty excited about it. Even with the excitement I held off on publishing video about it, because I was afraid of saturation on the channel. Right now is the perfect time for this video. 

Here are a few of the updates.

  • Telescopic mast
  • Tuned coupling loops for the Standard, Plus, and Booster kit
  • Two piece radiating loop for the Plus model
  • Common upgrade path with the P-LOOP
  • Larger Delrin tuning dial for fine-tuning.

    For those of you seriously considering another loop which “appears” less exoensive, or a too good to pass up deal, all of Chameleon Antenna magnetic loop antennas come with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! So not only are you getting the excellent components, excellent Manufacturing, outstanding quality, you get free shipping as well.

    Finally, after a quick look at my social media feeds, my blog, and my YouTube channel, one might easily come to the conclusion that I like this antenna. I know there are those operators out there or going to say “just make a dipole”, which is actually in valid point. But what if you can’t put an antenna outside, what if you need to put something in a confined space, or in the Attic, or your limited for some reason in a way that you can’t have a full size antenna. This might be something worth considering.

    Julian oh8stn

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