Yaesu FT-818 Update

Just to put to rest some of the hype that’s going on right now. Earlier this week ML&S in the UK started taking pre-orders for the hugely anticipated Yaesu ft 818. Later we saw the Yaesu ft-818 up on GigaParts website as well.

Although we pretty much have no doubt there is a Yaesu FT-818 in the pipe, I believe what’s happening is small companies trying to get a jump on the competition, by prematurely publishing fake images and extremely vague documentation, in an effort to secure your pre-order!

Personally, I’m into these radios for the Long Haul. I would not want to be one of the first to buy the brand new rig, regardless of my excitement. Yes I prefer giving them a chance to get the Kinks out first. I did grab the 817 as soon as it was available in Switzerland where I was working at the time. I guess you could call me i gaze of Fanboy, but these days the competition is so fierce infield Communications, Yaesu is definitely going to have to work for my money this time.

As a content creator, there’s nothing more I want to do than bring the Yaesu ft 818 to the channel, as quickly as possible. There’s also other content creators who are much better suited for fire-and-forget publishing than I am. With that said, here’s what I would do.

Hold on to your money, don’t get baited by the pre-order hype. Let’s just wait and see what the Yaesu FT-818 is going to be when it’s published on the Yaesu website! Then,if it’s as awesome as we “the community” thinks it should be, we’ll get one for the channel.

Julian oh8stn

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