Yaesu FT-817ND QRP Gokit

Having another kit to work with gives me a chance to keep the qrp radio offline, for some much-needed rethinking and catching up.

This is the current qrp kit. Please remember some components or static While others may change depending on the type of deployment.

  • Yaesu FT-817ND
  • LDG z817 antenna tuner
  • WolphiLink Audio Interface
  • Chameleon EMCOMM III antenna
  • QRPver 10w Amplifier
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active
  • DIY 64wh LiFePO4 battery pack
  • Genasun GV-5 MPPT solar charge controller
  • PowerFilm Solar FM16-1200


Sometimes I may switch out antennas, choosing a linked dipole, terminated dipole, magnetic loop, or something small, self-supporting, but able to handle more power like the super antenna mp1 or Chameleon MPAS.

Audio Interface
The WolohiLink is my go-to device when I’m using an Android tablet or smartphone. I’m a switch out this audio interface for the ZLP Digi Master MiniProSC if I want to use a laptop or tablet with more powerful software such as fldigi.

We must remember, there is no such thing as the perfect kit. The kit is always changing, to meet the demands of different types of deployments. We may have a casual day out on the pier operating qrp, or we may be camping in the backcountry, trying to send and receive radio email using winlink or pskmail. You just never know! What we do know is are kits should be built in a way that makes them flexible and adaptable to changing operating conditions.

Julian oh8stn

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