Solar Charge Controller for DIY LiFePO4 packs

One of my buddies from the Doomsday prepper forums asked about the Genasun charge controller the DIY 50A/128wh LiFePO4 battery pack project on the channel. In my videos, two different solar charge controllers are shown, so there was some confusion about which one should be used and when.

Use the 5L if your solar panel delivers 5A or less in full sunlight. Use the 10L if you plan on using a panel delivering 10A or less in full sunlight.

Why Genasun solar charge controllers?

When we discuss portable power for emergency communications or preparedness, we do so understanding each componrnt is chosen for the utility it provides to the system. Here are a few facts about these charge controllers.

  • The Genasun is the smallest true MPPT charge controller on the market.
  • The Genasun has FCC, CE, TUV, … testing and approval. Neither the Bioenno or cheap Chinese versions do.
  • The Genasun charge controllers are completely RF quiet . This means they’re not generating noise in your receiver.
  • Specifications listed on this charge controllers are accurate and true.

Although we find them on Alibaba and eBay , there really is no cheap and reliable solution to charge control, which manages and cares for your battery or cell investment. We simply need to decide if we want something which “says” it works and has a great price, or something well designed which actually works, independent of price!? Remember, it’s not cheap if it reduces the life of your battery investment.

You can watch the entire DIY lithium iron phosphate battery series for amateur radio here.

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  1. OH8STN,
    Love the idea of building your own batteries. I do have a quick question. What do you consider the best way to charge the batteries off the solar panel? I am looking to build a battery pack but only going to use the battery for an hour or so and the recharge it. While saving my $$$ for a solar panel set. Thanks, KC9ZTO

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