Importance of a Clean Digital Signal

Hello Operators

Todays topic is overdriving our digital modes audio, and the effects it has on other operators trying to use the same band.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, but it’s important to point out a few things.

Each digital mode has a certain amount of bandwidth. For example, an FT8 signal is 50hz wide (bandwidth). When the audio is over-driven, that signal can take up many times more bandwidth than a properly modulated FT8 signal.

Operators may or may not be aware of the noise they’re creating on the band’s, but the result of that noise is is qrm for the others trying to operate on the same band, and ultimately less space per operator. I’m often picking on the rtty contesters, because they seem to be the worst offenders. Whether conscious or unconscious, the result is a less efficient use of space on each band.

Over-driving our audio is not going to increase the chances of making the contact or winning a contest. In fact, most operators will do whatever they can to get as far away from a dirty signal offender as they can. So believe it or not, overdriving your station probably does the opposite of what one hopes for.

Make sure your signal is clean, it’s simply better for everyone if you do.

Julian oh8stn

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