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Hello Operators

Operating at higher latitudes can be a unique experience. Certainly the best way to get one signal out into the world is with an array of yagis on a big tower, but that’s not the only way. Today I reconfigured the end fed from Inverted Lazy L, to end fed sloping vee. The reconfiguration was an idea I got from Wade VK1MIC. One leg is at 0 degrees north while the other leg is 230 degrees Southwest. I was hoping to come up with the configuration allowing Regional Communications in Europe, without excluding DX from North America and Asia.

Around 2100 zulu, 40m was active enough that I could check the results. It certainly isn’t definitive, but until now, coverage has been either local, regional or DX. This configuration seems to cover the regional and DX, but lacks local traffic. I’ll leave it up a few days to see how it works out. I may put up a second antenna for NVIS (Local traffic).

Nothing groundbreaking here, I just wanted to share.

Julian oh8stn

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