Coaxial Cable Quality Matters Radio Prepper

Hello Operators

Gil published a new video on the topic of coax cable, and the importance of quality when choosing coax cable for your station.

Cables for my station

  • LMR 400 on the tower
  • Aircel 7 in the shack
  • RG316 & RG58 in the field

As a rule, we should always try to keep cable runs as short as possible. Where long cable runs exist, use the best cable possible. In addition to Quality cable, the best quality connectors can make a big difference in station sensitivity.

On HF I primarily use UHF connectors with o-ring seals.. On VHF, UHF & SHF N connectors with o-ring seals. Although called “UHF connector”, the UHF connector isn’t any good above HF. Always use N connectors above 30 MHz, if you actually want to hear something.

This isn’t so important on HF, but consider every time we break the cable, adding a barrel connector between them, we introduce additional losses in the line.

One last point. Every Chinese coax cable and connector I’ve ever owned, has failed! There is no cost saving, if we can’t get the message out.

Anyway this isn’t a Glamorous video, but it’s an extremely important topic. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, then sit back and listen to Gil.

Julian oh8stn
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