JS8Call 0.9 Release notes

Hi Folks,

Thanks for staying patient with me on this one. Build servers were being weird today! Happy to bring you release with simple features, small screen compatibility and polish. Head over to the download page to grab your copy: https://groups.io/g/js8call/wiki/Download-Links

Included in this release are a few nice things:

Small screens are now more compatible with JS8Call. Specifically, down to 800×480 pixels. So, for all you touchscreen RaspberyPi users, hopefully this makes your JS8Call experience a little nicer.

Added the ability to add an arbitrary callsign to the heard list (right click, add new station). This should help folks who are “calling blindly” to another station that may or may not be on the air.

Added the ability to control the basic app toggles from the menu.

Added some nice keyboard shortcuts to the View options.

Made the toggle buttons bold when “on” to help differentiate for color blindness.

There’s a new notification sound for CQ messages!

And, macro expansions now work in the message window.

Along with some various tweaks (like the expiration nag…sorry about that!)

I’m saving up some big features for the next release, so in the meantime I hope that you continue to enjoy testing JS8Call!


Jordan / KN4CRD

I may have missed one or two things in the video, to see the full changelog scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Julian oh8stn
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Full changelog:

  • Fixed QAction for older Qt versions
  • Fixed word wrapping with no break spaces
  • Added azimuth to the distance column
  • Fixed word wrapping of non-breaking space words by only replacing double spaces
  • Tweaking window sizes
  • Added a reference to dependency installation
  • Updated dependencies list
  • User Interface Tweaks:
  • Added ability to add an arbitrary station to the heard list manually
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the basic Show actions. Added show action to disable tooltips
  • Updated configuration panel to be more flexible (scroll areas)
  • Added macro expansion in typed message text
  • Added notification for CQ messages
  • Added push button bold style for colorblindness
  • Bump to 0.9
  • Added control menu
  • Bump eol
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