Episode 189 — 100 Watts and a Wire

Hello Operators.

As many of you know I’ve contributed some content to 100 watts and a wire. I’m enjoying that although I really don’t like listening to myself on the radio. Nevertheless this is episode 189 of 100 watts and a wire. Please show some love.

Episode 189

On this episode, J-Lo. Well, a flashback to television in 1993. From WKRP to In Living Color. Also, should I stay? Or, should I go box? Christian looks to rework a portable go box. Will it stick this time? Plus, we look for love in Rwanda. At least, a contact. Did we make the trip? We also hear from Julian, OH8STN. He talks to us about off grid and grid down communications. All of this and more on this edition of 100 Watts and a Wire.



Julian oh8stn

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