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Hello Operators.

Here’s  a video from Bob K6UDA. This is a follow up to the original video, proclaiming California no longer receives any benefit from Ham Radio operators. As some of you know, it seemed like that video had some stretches of truth, for the sake of telling the story. Fair enough!

As YouTubers we often want our videos to be seen by as many people interested in the topic, as possible. Sometimes the best videos can go completely unseen, because they simply don’t generate enough momentum. Just like a good song, every YouTube video needs a hook. Bobs hook was “California is firing all ham radio…”. Bobs “marketing” put some doubts on which parts of the video, were actually true. That’s a risk we take when doing video SEO. It’s also the reason I distanced myself, after sharing his first video. After watching this follow-up, I went ahead and shouted out an apology to Bob. The apology was for doubting the sincerity of his first video. As it turns out, the letter Bob referenced in that first video, although taken out of context for the sake of telling the story, was completely true!

This follow-up video makes everything clear.
I still don’t like the all “ham radio is fired” marketing sensationalism of that first video. It’s now obvious not all ham radio repeaters in California were at risk. However, this follow-up is solid, giving us nothing but facts, and asking some hard questions! There’s no nonsense, no scantily clad cheerleaders, and no jokes.

So, if you’re in California concerned about emergency communications, I encourage you to watch this follow-up video. If your primary reason for being a ham radio operator in the United States is emergency communications, I would also encourage you, to watch this video.

Bob also shared an article done by a local newspaper in the region. This article supports much of what Bob was saying in his first video. It also helps separate the marketing fiction, from the actual story. It’s a good read. It also (in part) supports Bobs first video.

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