ALE & SELCAL multi-platform

Hello operators. I have a video incoming within weeks, but it was important to get this post out there right away.

Many of you know I’ve been using PCALE for quite some time. That Windows application did more to push people away from ALE, than it did to empower or motivate the operators. Based on my own bad experience with PCALE, I’m happy to tell you about HamRing.

HamRing is a multi-platform application for ALE & SELCAL, which has recently started beta testing. If you know my channel, of course I’m interested in the Raspberry Pi and Linux variants which are there, but the application is also available for other platforms like Windows and Linux.

My suggestion to all of you, if you had been put off by PCALE in the past, and would like to give ALE & SELCAL another shot, definitely sign up for beta testing of HamRing on groups io

73, Julian oh8stn

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