Ultimate Yaesu FT-818 Go Kit

Hello operators.

Today I want to give you a first look at the all-in-one (AIO) go kit for the Yaesu ft-818 and FT-817. The 3D printed kit comes to us via Adrien F4IJA.

This kit allows you to integrate a Raspberry Pi, Latte Panda, or other single-board computer, along with the solar charge controller, a more capable internal battery pack, and a 3D printed enclosure making deployment fast and simple.

The 3D printed enclosure also integrates switches for power on power off, bench charging or solar charging, on/off for the integrated computer, cooling fans  …

Now I can already hear it in the comments. People will say why would we make something bigger out of a radio designed to be ultraportable!? The simple answer is, the Yaesu ft-818 is a fine CW radio, it’s also a fine SSB radio, capable of giving the operator a reliable 1 to 1.5 hours of operation, through the internal AA batteries.

What goes wrong with the Yaesu ft-818 shows itself when you want to operate data modes, operate off grid, or charge it out in the field.

This isn’t slamming the radio. It’s just pointing out weaknesses, and how we might overcome them. That’s the point of the AIO all-in-one box for the Yaesu  ft-817 and the Yaesu ft-818.

My version of this AIO go kit will include:

  • 4S1P LiFePO4 26650 batteries
  • Genasun charge controller
  • Latte Panda or Raspberry pi
  • Front panel charge state LED
  • 12 volt to 5 volt regulator for computer

I’m waiting for a few more parts to arrive, before putting the kit together, and publishing the video. Until then, enjoy these images and please do take a look at the project website.

You can view the project documentation from here. https://www.tobeca.fr/f4ija/doku.php?id=ft818:aio_box


Julian oh8stn

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